Popcorn Fundraiser

What: Gourmet Flavored Popcorn in 3 different sizes/price point

Who: B&G Popcorn; local company delivers fresh product and we get 50% of sales for the band

When: February 27 through March 20; product delivery 2-3 weeks later

How: Students take orders and fill out order form and collect money. Money is turned in to safe with order form. Checks made to KMCBC

Goal: $120 per student $10,000 profit for the entire band. 



§  The top selling student will receive a $50 gift card

§  2nd and 3rd top seller will receive a $25 gift card each

§  Top selling class period will get to watch a movie in class. We will calculate by average sold since some classes have more students.

§  If we collectively meet our goal of $10,000 you will duct tape a director of your choosing to the wall. 

§  For every $2000 above our goal, you can duct tape another director

§  If we collectively raise $20,000 or more, Mr. Brodt, Mr. Muths, Mr. Zimerman, and Mr. Eek will all shave their beards off and die their hair maroon. 


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