Kempner Inaugural Individual & Ensemble Contest

Parents and Students,

Good evening!

This year the Kempner High School Band is hosting the inaugural Individual and Ensemble Contest to be held at Kempner High School on Monday, May 15th. This is an opportunity for all students to showcase their talent via solo performance or in an ensemble.

The contest will be followed by a recital to take place at the final band concert. This will feature the top soloists that advanced from the contest via recommendation from the judge.

This is a required event and will be a major grade in the gradebook. The following information will help students understand what is expected of them and will give parents insight into this very important event.


General Information

Contest Date: Monday, May 15th

Entry Fee: $15 per student

Entry Fee Due Date: May 1st

Accompanist Rehearsal Date (If applicable): May 1st

Accompanist Fee (if applicable): $30-40 depending on difficulty of literature

Recital Date: TBD



Concert Band

Ensembles will be assigned.

Symphonic Band

Solos and/or ensembles will be performed. Students should have already chosen their piece and should have a copy.

Wind Ensemble

Solos and/or ensembles will be performed. Students are responsible for submitting their requests by tomorrow via the following format:

Request approval for solo or ensemble

  • Submit to tray with a sticky note with names OR

  • Email to Mr. Muths

    • Email needs to have subject line: “I&E Literature Approval Request”

    • Email needs to include name of student(s), name of piece, and a link

Color Guard


1.      Music must be at least 1½ minutes and no more than 3 minutes.

2.      No obscene or profane music allowed.

3.      Must utilize at least 2 pieces of equipment during performance.

Ensembles (no more than 3 members)

1.      Music must be at least 2 minutes and no more than 4 minutes.

2.      No obscene or profane music allowed.

3.      All members must utilize at least 2 pieces of equipment during performance.

Scoring (for both)

  • Will be judged in two areas:

    • Repertoire/composition – 50 points

    • Performance/showmanship – 50 points

  • Ratings will be given:

    • 0 – 50 – Division III

    • 51 – 74 – Division II

    • 75 – 100 – Division I

  • Those earning a Division 1 will move on to round 2.



Information will be provided to these students from Mr. Culotta directly.


Due Dates:

April 14th

Once piece is obtained, judge's copy must be made (grade)

  • Copy of solo or ensemble score

  • Numbered

  • Name(s) on it

April 21st

Students have to fill out a Form 4 to include all of their information for the judges (grade)

  • Handwriting must be clear

  • Students must know what each category is asking for

May 1st

  • Entry fee due date ($15)

  • Accompanist rehearsals

  • Accompanist fee due directly to the pianist on this day.

    • Fee is determined by the pianist and is relative to the difficulty of the piece.

April 1st - May 12th

Schedule ensemble practices if necessary.


Skills Acquired

By the end of the contest, the students will have learned how to:

  • Work with an accompanist or work as a team

  • Approach the performance room

  • Approach the judge

  • Shake hands

  • Introduce themselves or their ensemble

  • Dress appropriately for the contest

  • Execute performance etiquette


We look forward to this event and the recital to follow! Please reply with any concerns or questions you may have.


IHKHS Band Staff


"A standard above excellence, a goal beyond victory."

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