Football Game 8.26

Students, Families and Supporters,

This Thursday is our first football game! We are very excited to kickoff the football season vs. Mayde Creek High School at Rhodes Stadium. This email will serve as a guide for parents and students in order for the program to have a successful evening. 


2:45 - School ends
3:00 - Rehearsal begins
3:15 - Rehearsal ends, Eat, Change, Pack, Load
4:30 - Inspection
5:00 - Depart for Rhodes Stadium
5:30 - Arrive at Rhodes Stadium - unload
6:00 - Warm up in the stands
6:30 - Kickoff
7:30 - Halftime Performance!
9:00 - Game ends - pack, load
9:15 - Depart for KHS
10:00 - Arrive at KHS - dismissal in the band hall

Students who did not purchase a meal through our service will need to find a way to get food in the allotted time. Those who ordered food will be served in the commons. 

Hot Weather Uniform & Supplies
We will be wearing our “hot weather uniform”. This includes the following:

  • Uniform (winds, percussion)
    • Member shirt (provided this week for new members)
    • Khaki shorts - no cargo please
    • Black ankle socks
    • Black marching shoes (provided this week for new members)
    • Ladies will need to wear their hair in a ponytail
    • Gentlemen will need to be clean shaven
  • Guard will have their own “out of uniform” outfit. Specifics will be given by Mr. Bass. 
  • Flip book and lyre - with stand tunes
    • You can find this at music and arts for around $10
  • Water Jug 
  • Ponchos - can be from years past or a clear one

Rhodes Stadium Policies
The students will play to the home side of the stadium. Unfortunately, the district officials will not permit parents to crossover to the home side to watch or record. Please respect these policies.

Students will be on buses according to their section. Two chaperones will ride on each bus.

Students will be dismissed as a whole in the band hall. No students will be permitted to leave prior to dismissal. This ensures that all members have put their things away correctly and that the band hall is clean. We appreciate your patience concerning this policy. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Thank you!

"A standard above excellence, a goal beyond victory."

I.H. Kempner High School Band Program 14777 Voss Rd, Sugar Land, TX 77498