Band Camp!

Students, Families and Supporters,

Good afternoon!

I wanted to remind everyone of our upcoming band camp (beginning this Tuesday) and explain a few things. We, as a staff, are very excited about starting this marching season!



Please refer to our online calendar to see the rehearsal schedule, as well as the events that will be taking place during the fall. Though we try to be as accurate as possible with the calendar, things come up. Thus, we encourage you to keep the calendar handy and check it often. If there is a change to be made, it will be communicated. Please schedule your doctor’s appointments, vacations, etc. around band functions.

Visit for details.



Students must have the following materials in order to have a successful band camp experience:

  • Instrument

  • IHKHS Band Water Bottle - Filled with ice water

  • Appropriate athletic clothing

    • Athletic shoes: cross trainers or running shoes are preferred

      • No high top basketball shoes

      • No Converse or slip on Vans

      • No Sperrys/boat shoes

    • Athletic shorts

    • T-shirt or appropriate tank-top

    • Hats and sunglasses are optional, but suggested

      • Hats must not be distracting to the rehearsal or obstruct other performers’ vision of the conductor.

        • e.g. a sombrero is an inappropriate hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Band binder (black, 1” or ½ “)

  • Music

  • Pencil



When you look at the calendar, you’ll notice two breaks that occur during the day. This is for the students to eat, relax, and socialize. A director will be on campus during these breaks. The students are allowed to leave campus, but the directors will not be responsible for the students who choose to do so.


Band Fees

The deadline for band fees is Monday, August 1st. If you have not paid in full, we ask that you do so by that date. If you need to discuss a payment plan with a director, please do so soon. Checks need to be made out to KMCBC, though cash will be accepted.


Mandatory Parent Meeting

Please plan to attend the mandatory parent meeting this Friday, July 29th at 6pm in the Kempner High School Auditorium. We will be discussing very important topics at that meeting. You will have an opportunity to make you band fee payment at that time.


Instructional Leadership

Please refer to Mr. Norman’s email about Monday. Also, plan on having some discussions after rehearsal on Tuesday, or any other day of band camp.


Let us know if you have any questions!

Scott Norman, Director of Bands - 281 634 2444 -

Ben Muths, Assistant Band Director - 281 634 9980 -

Ryan Culotta, Director of Percussion - 281 327 0116 -




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