Summer 2016 "Join"



  1. 1.

    link; connect.

    synonyms: fasten, attach, tie, bind, couple, connect, unite, link, yoke, weld, fuse, glue


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    a place or line where two or more things are connected or fastened together.

Dear Band Family and Supports,

As we all are enjoying our Summer breaks with out of town trips, fun outings, fishing, swimming, or just hanging out, I wanted to say thank you to every student, parent, and staff member that helped and continues to help our students be successful this past year and as we move into our next year.  Sometimes going from a frenzied pattern of work, rehearsals, and lessons to a bit of a break or change of pace can help us appreciate more of what our hard-working students have accomplished.  I wanted to say that it is refreshing to be able to come up to the band hall on Wednesdays during the Summer to watch our wonderful private faculty teach lessons, and see our students work through student led sectionals and team building.  While those meetings are not mandatory, I enjoy seeing how many kids are coming up just to hang out and start to grow together as a family and team with band helping to join, mobilize, and galvanize each of our pathways.  I want to also call your attention to our new student led video blog (VLOG) series that will debut this Summer!  These videos will chronicle our students as they encounter new adventures and challenges!

I wanted to stop and say that word again, "join."  As we are enjoying our well deserved break from the feverish pace of our self-sustained challenges during the school year, I just wanted to take a second to send a pulse of this idea out to all who are a part of this wonderful organization. There are many ways we can activate that word "join" this Summer.  There are a number of students that still have not had the chance to complete our registration process for band in 2016-17 and I wanted to take a second to let you know that a band staff member WILL be contacting each individual family who has not gotten that chance yet to help you through the short but important process.  Another chance to activate the idea of joining is our required parent meeting at 6pm on July 29th at the Kempner Band Hall for help with any completed registrations and information about being an active participant in our booster club!

I wanted to also reach out to the STUDENTS!  We will be posting parts for your printing ability today for our marching band show entitled "Foundations."  You will receive an email with instructions on how to access that material and begin practicing it.  Your section leaders, sergeants, and drum majors will be contacting you to help answer any questions you may have. They should also contact you to invite you to come out to one or all of our practice sessions on a Wednesday during the Summer to help you with any questions or practicing you may need!  

I look forward to working with all of you in the coming year and I speak for the band staff in saying we are extremely excited to JOIN together in the coming months leading up to school to lay our foundations for the year!

Scott Norman

Director of Bands

IH Kempner High School

"A standard above excellence, a goal beyond victory."

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