2016-2017 Service Positions

Thank you to all of our students who interviewed for service positions! The staff is extremely excited to work with these young men and women who will contribute their time and skills to making the program function efficiently. Thank you all for participating in this process!


Kikai Ford - Head Librarian
Dana Dailey
Bundu Ezenwukwa
Emily Martinez
Melissa Lopez
Randy Vega
Elizabeth Escobar
Paulyn Fazon
Dylan Nguyen

Equipment Crew

Jose Guerrero - Equipment Crew Captain
Luis Reyna
Dannie Hernandez
Roy Carpenter
Destin Nguyen
Brianna Murch

Media Team

Jaden Sherman - Media Team Manager
Cynthia Valdez
Kevin Baker
Shane Rose
Angie Zayas
Thomas Bonsey

Uniform Crew

Elyse Feliciano - Uniform Crew Manager
Ronaldo Davis
Alexa Gutierrez
Tommy Nguyen
Kaitlyn Jones
Megan Duzan
Yolanda Castellanos
Katie Alcorn
Alec Nguyen
Phillip Nguyen


IHKHS Band Staff

"A standard above excellence, a goal beyond victory."

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