2016-2017 Instructional Leadership

We are very proud of the 46 young men and women who auditioned to become one of the members of the 2016-2017 instructional leadership team!  It was a humbling experience for the staff to enjoy leadership seminars, interviews, and auditions with such hard working, ambitious, and committed candidates.  

Instructional Leadership Team 2016-2017

Note: Section Leaders/Lieutenants will have equally shared responsibilities. There will be a meeting at 5:00 pm on Monday after rehearsal. Please plan to attend, or speak to Mr. Norman if you cannot.



Woodwind Sergeant: Miguel Robles

Brass Sergeant: Dong Pham

Percussion Sergeant: Lukas Tsokos

Color Guard Sergeant: Joann Ingraham



Lieutenant: Nataly Martinez

Lieutenant: Meghan Rivera



Section Leader: Emily Martinez

Section Leader: Randy Vega

Section Leader: Payal Shah


Clarinet Family

Section Leader: Yolanda Castellanos

Section Leader: Andrew Nguyen

Section Leader: Cynthia Valdez


Saxophone Family

Section Leader: Dana Dailey

Section Leader: Brianna Murch



Section Leader: RJ Thompson


French Horn

Section Leader: Thomas Coykendall



Section Leader: Dong Pham


Baritone & Tuba

Section Leader: Phillip Nguyen


Front Ensemble

Section Leader: Chris Gutierrez



Section Leader: Lukas Tsokos



Section Leader: Tristan Aurelio



Section Leader: Dannie Hernandez



"A standard above excellence, a goal beyond victory."

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