2016-17 Booster Club Executive Board

After a great meeting with the booster club, our executive board elections were held and we have our 2016-17 Executive Booster Board!


President- Ray Thompson

Mr. Thompson is the proud parent of a junior trumpet player, RJ Thompson.  Ray has been a part of the Booster Club since 2013 and will serve as the liaison with Band Staff, school administration, and other I.H. Kempner Organizations. The President will help to align the vision of the band staff and the Booster Club so that our parents and community can help our students succeed!

Vice President of Membership- Trish Thompson

Ms. Thompson is the proud of parent of a junior trumpet player, RJ Thompson. Trish has been a part of the Booster Club since 2013 and will serve as an assistant to the president as well as be responsible for Chaperone, Audit & Budget, and other committees. 

Vice President of Fundraising- Jodie Reichardt

Ms. Reichardt is the proud parent of a sophomore percussionist, Reid Reichardt.  Jodie has been part of the Booster Club since 2014 and will work with band directors and the Booster Club to set fundraising goals for the year.  In this position, she will be a member and chairperson of the Fundraising Committee and work with band parents and community members to orchestrate and execute the vision of collaborative fundraiser ideas.

Secretary- Lisa Alexander

Ms. Alexander is the proud parent of a freshman flute player, Karly Alexander.  Lisa is also the parent of a band program alumnus, Kyle Alexander!  As the Secretary, she will keep a record of all meetings of the organization and of the Executive Board meetings and assist other board members and committees as necessary. 

Treasurer- Tracy Baker

Ms. Baker is the proud parent of two current band members, Jason and Kevin Baker.  Tracy has been a member of the Booster Club since 2012 and will act as the custodian of all organization funds. As Treasurer, she will work with band staff to ensure that budget purchases are made and yearly budgets are managed through out each band program season. 

Board Member at Large- Jenta Frick

Jenta is the proud parent of a junior clarinet player, Shane Rose. Ms. Frick will help to align the club's mission and the band program's mission, help with committee oversight, and work on special projects as designated by the board and band staff.  Jenta will also assist the board in their duties as well as coordinate with liaisons who advise the board in their activities. 


We are very excited to have this team in place as we go into another year.  As we continue to grow as a Booster Club and band program together I hope all Booster Club members and community members will be active in supporting and assisting our board with the help needed to make our student's needs become reality!

The Band Staff

"A standard above excellence, a goal beyond victory."

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