Symphonic Band Practice Project

Parents and students,

Good afternoon!

In preparation for our winter concert, students will prepare and perform eight excerpts from ‘A Christmas Festival’ through recordings on Music First. The project is due on Sunday, November 27th by 10:59 pm. This is a pass/fail major grade. Students will receive a passing grade for using a metronome during the performance and submitting all eight assignments. It is at the director’s discretion to give a student a failing grade if quality is not attempted.

Device options:

  1. Computer with Chrome browser (recommended)

  2. iPad with Music First App (available in the band office, but might struggle on school wifi)

  3. Android phone with Chrome browser

  4. iPhone with Music First App (crashes a lot, not recommended)


  1. Follow the directions for each assignment.

  2. Use a metronome at a tempo that is comfortable for you and that will help you be successful. Focus on achieving correct pulse, rhythms, notes, and articulations.

  3. Submit all eight sections for full credit.

Click this link and scroll down to find specific instructions for your device!

If you have any questions regarding the project or how to use Music First, please contact Mr. Muths via email, phone, or through Remind.

Thank You!

Ben Muths

281 634 9980


"A standard above excellence, a goal beyond victory."

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