Kempner Marching Cougars Booster Club


Adopted: August 1st, 2017


Article I:    Name of the Organization

The name of this organization shall be Kempner Marching Cougars Booster Club (KMCBC).

Article II:    Purpose

Section 1:    This Organization’s purpose is to contribute toward attaining program goals as set by the Director(s).  Boosters are to provide assistance for band activities and financial support.

Section 2:    The organization’s direction and goals exist so the band students will recognize a singleness of purpose in the band program. The Boosters exist to give the students an experience of clear, specific, and positive community support.

Section 3:    The organization shall be a not for profit, non-sharing, non-political, non-commercial organization under IRS Code 501(c)3.

Section 4:  The activities of the Club shall be conducted in accordance with the FBISD Guidelines for Volunteers in Public Schools, as well as the Policies of the FBISD Instrumental Music Department.

Article III:    Membership

Section 1:    All parents with a currently enrolled band or color guard student at KHS will have a family membership in the Booster Club.

Section 2:    The term of membership shall be from August 1st to July 31st of each year.

Section 3:    There shall be one (1) vote per Adult Band Parent attending General Booster Meetings.

Section 4:    The Band Director and Assistant Directors will have No  votes.  Members present may cast votes.  There shall be no proxy voting for votes taken at General Booster Club meetings.

Section 5:    The Band Director(s) and school Principal shall be members.

Article IV:    Meetings

Section 1:    The Club shall hold regularly scheduled meetings as determined by the Executive Board.

Section 2:    There are no quorum requirements for any votes taken at General Booster Meetings.

Section 3:    Meetings will be run in accordance with the current version of Robert’s Rules of Order on all points not covered by the by-laws.

Section 4:    Meetings shall take place in the Kempner Band Hall or Auditorium, unless another location is approved by a quorum of the executive board.

Article V:    Executive Board

Section 1:    The Executive Board shall consist of Band Directors, President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Section 2:    A quorum shall be defined as  a majority of the members.  A band director, and the President or Vice President must be among the officers present.  Proxy voting or electronic votes may be taken if necessary.

Section 3:    The Executive Board shall act for the organization as necessary between regular meetings.  The Board will also set meeting times and places, approve the expenditure of funds, make recommendations to the membership in regular or called meetings, draft a yearly balanced budget, manage students dues and fees, organize and assist parent support through committees, and assist the Band Director(s) in all possible ways.

Section 4:   All expenditures of Club funds outside of designated budget line items must be approved by a majority vote of the Board.

Section 5:    The Executive Board shall meet regularly on a day determined by the Executive Board.

Article VI:    Elections and Duties of Officers

Section 1:    The President shall present duties of Officers and collect written nominations for officers at the Penultimate meeting (2nd to last).  The President shall then create a ballot based off collected nominations to be posted on the band website.

Section 2:    Nominations for officers shall be communicated to the membership between the Penultimate and ultimate meeting.  The consent of each candidate must be obtained before his/her name is placed in nomination.  All nominees must have the approval of the director before the names may be submitted to membership for a vote.  The vote will be held at the May General Booster Meeting, or Spring Concert.

Section 3:    Elections shall be conducted orally and/or by a show of hands and determined by simple majority.  Should an oral vote be inconclusive, a written ballot vote shall be taken.

Section 4:    Officers shall be elected to serve for one (1) year.  The elected officers shall assume office at the close of the Ultimate meeting.

Section 5:    The President shall preside at all meetings.  The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and shall perform other duties pertaining to the office.  The president will have authority to cosign checks of the organization.

Section 6:    The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President, shall serve as an aide to the president and shall be responsible for all Committees.  The Vice President shall have authority to cosign checks of the organization.

Section 7:    The Vice-President shall be responsible for and a member of all Fundraising Committees.  The Vice-President shall work with Directors to set a fund-raising goal for each year.  The Vice-President shall keep a log of fundraising contacts and fundraisers.  The Vice-President will appoint as many Committees as necessary and organize as many fundraisers as necessary to meet the yearly fundraising goal.

Section 8:    The Executive Board shall arrange events and items to boost student morale.  The Executive Board shall arrange all hospitality needs for all band functions.

Section 9:    The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the organization and of the Executive Board Meetings.   The Secretary shall assist other Board Officers as necessary.

Section 10:  The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all organization funds.  The Treasurer will steer the board in setting and managing a balanced yearly budget.  All disbursements of funds must be verified by original or copies of original receipts to the Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall provide financial reports at all General Booster Club and Executive Board meetings.  The Treasurer shall cosign all checks with the President or Vice President, and both signatures will be necessary to withdraw funds.  They shall upon completion of their annual term of office, submit to an audit of the books and funds of the organization in a manner determined by the Executive Board and FBISD policy.  The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the Club’s 501(c)3 status, and ensuring all yearly tax records are collected and submitted to the IRS.

Section 11:  The Treasurer shall use QuickBooks to establish a student account for each student.   The Treasurer shall disburse change owed to students at Booster Meetings or band events.  The Treasurer shall provide student balances as requested by the Band Director.

Section 12:  The Executive Board will ensure agendas are set for all meetings.  The Executive Board shall be well versed in Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 13:  At the request of the Band Directors, the Executive Board can assist the Band Director(s) by organizing, arranging cleaning, arranging alterations, and managing uniform inventory.

Section 14: In the event of a vacancy of the office of President, the Vice President shall become the President.  Vacancies in any other office are filled through appointment by Executive Board majority vote, with the concurrence of the Director.

Article VII:       Committees

Section 1:    The President shall appoint all Committee Chairpersons with concurrence of the director(s).  Removal of any chairperson shall be by the President with the consent of a majority of the officers.  Chairpersons may serve unlimited terms and may chair more than one committee.  Chairpersons shall keep the Vice President updated on all activities performed by that committee and available to attend Executive Board Meetings at request of any member of the Executive Board. 

Section 2:    The Standing committees are Audit and Budget, Fundraising, Banquet, and Pit Crew. The Executive Board shall review the current committees and make changes as required. 

Section 3:    Committees may be established by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

Section 4:    A committee member may be removed from a committee with the consent of both the chairperson and the President. 

Section 5:    The Audit and Budget Committee shall be responsible for an annual audit of the financial records of the organization.  The audit shall be completed and submitted to the executive board to support Booster Paperwork submission to the district (September 1st) The fiscal year shall end on the last dayJune.  The audit will be presented to the general membership during the first meeting following the presentation to the executive board.

Section 8:    The Fundraising Committee(s) shall recommend fundraising activities to benefit the band program and shall be responsible for implementing those projects.

Section 11: The PIT Crew Committee shall assist the Marching Band and Percussion by  providing parent volunteers to help move equipment on and off the field, build props, and help with repair and maintenance of equipment.

Section 12:  The Band Banquet Committee shall organize, in liaison with Band Officers, the May Band Banquet.

Article VIII:    Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the organization in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these by-laws.

Article IX:    FBISD Booster Club Guidelines

Section 1:  The following the link to the FBISD Booster Club Guidelines Page:

Section 2: The following link is for the FBISD Booster Club Yearly Information Page:

Section 3:  The following link is for the FBISD Booster Club Manual:

Article X:    Amendment

These by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the organization by two-thirds vote of those present.  The proposed amendment must have been submitted in writing and read at the previous regular meeting.

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